Consumer Health Benefits MyHealthPoint Consumer Health Benefits

  • Better communication between user and clinician to effectively treat diabetes.
  • Test results are wirelessly transmitted to the MyHealthPoint Solution using Bluetooth® technology and your mobile device or PC.
  • Secure private, online portal to review and evaluate daily blood test and lifestyle readings.
  • Automated online system for alerts, testing and medication reminders.
  • Expanding collection of in-depth diabetes treatment and lifestyle resources on the Platform.
  • Helps you take “ownership” of your health management, so you can make better lifestyle choices.
Benefits for Families and Caregivers.

Caregivers and family members live with the disease right alongside every diabetic patient.

They experience the same highs and lows and often have to sit back and watch helplessly as their loved one’s condition wanes. The MyHealthPoint Platform is uniquely designed not only to help caregivers and family members better assist in patient care, but to also give them the freedom to stand back and carefully monitor the person with diabetes from a distance.

With real-time blood glucose data, trending charts, information on medication levels and diet all accessible via the MyGlucoHealth® Wireless Meter, caregivers have the information they need to stay intimately connected with the hourly care of the person with diabetes. Patients receive better care, caregivers get more freedom and family members have peace of mind.

  • Helps caregivers better provide for their loved ones.
  • Real-time online test results and analysis 24 hours a day.
  • Better information equals peace of mind.
  • Access to loved one's results from a mobile device or PC.
  • Improved ability to support persons with diabetes.